Straight Arrow Camp – Phase II Projects for 2015

Straight Arrow Camp has served as a Christian Camp for many generations of campers. The stories of the love of Christ have been told over and over. As a self-funded organization, we depend solely on the generous hearts of our Camp Family members to fund all Capital Improvements projects. As our 2015 Summer Camp season approaches, the Board has determined 2 Main Projects for the 2015 Calendar Year. These projects combined represent approximately $50,000 or more in Capital Investment. As you are considering your annual donations and pledges for the 2015 Year, please consider Straight Arrow Camp. Your investment in our Camp Tradition is completely tax deductible. Our Camp Website is now able to take your secure Donations Electronically right from the website

Hogan – Foundation Stabilization Project

The Hogan/Eatum’ Lodge has served as the hub of camp for a number of years. The north end of the building is in need of foundation stabilization and repair. The natural erosion over the years has washed away 2-3 feet of ground at the end of the building. This project would need to include foundation repair in addition to a long term plan for reduced erosion, i.e. a retaining wall or other earth retaining method on the north end of the building. Estimates are being gathered from Professional Foundation Repair companies to assist us with this project. Full funding would need to be secured before beginning the project.

Estimated Start: Upon Procuring proper Funds
Total Project Cost: $15,000 – $25,000 - Estimates are being gathered
Total Estimated Time: Unknown at this time
Man Hours Needed: Unknown at this time
Special Skills Needed: Professional Foundation Repair Services, Erosion/Retaining Wall Expertise

Cabin 2 – Remodel/ADA Compliant Project

Cabin #2 (the Jackson Cabin, Grey Squirrels Cabin) has been designated as our ADA Compliant Cabin due to its proximity to all other Main Buildings. In additional to the upgrades to walls, lighting and flooring, the Remodel for Cabin #2 will include Wheel Chair Accessible accommodations including widened doorways, an entry ramp and ADA Compliant Bathroom Fixtures. A sizable endowment will be required for our completion of this Project.

Estimated Start: Pending
Total Project Cost: $ 25,000 (estimate)
Total Estimated Time: 4 Months – Start to Finish
Man Hours Needed:
Specific Skills Needed: Plumbing, Foundation, Carpentry, Dry-Wall-Painting, Electrical